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If you wish to have a presence on the web, your domain name is one of the most important decisions you will need to make. It is the center of your corporate Internet identity and makes it easier for people to find your site. We at B’zee Bee Technologies’help you take that first step towards establishing your presence on the web by registering your domain name. We also provide the service of domain transfer for clients...

FAQ about Domain:

1. What is a domain name / web address?

Your web site name (your-domain.com) directs visitors to your home page on the Internet. It can also be used as part of your e-mail address. For example: sales@your-domain.com.
A web address is a familiar, easy to remember name for computers on the Internet (such as Domain.com) when you run a domain search. No one can hold the same web site name simultaneously, your's is completely unique. They correspond to a series of numbers called Internet Protocol numbers (IP numbers), that helps serving as routing addresses on the Internet. Domain names are used generally as a convenient way of locating information and reaching others on the Internet.

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2. What are valid characters for a domain name ?

Valid characters include letters, numbers, and hyphen. A domain name should not begin or end with a hyphen. Spaces and special characters are not permitted in a domain name. For example:
Domain.com (valid) Do-main.com (valid) -Domain.com (not valid) doma&%n.com (not valid)

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3. How long will it take to register a domain name ?

It will take only few minutes to register a domain.

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4. I have decided that I do not want the Domain Name, I registered. Can I get a refund ?

Unfortunately, we do not refund domain name registration fees and the registration period can not be canceled or shortened. When the registration period is over you can choose not to renew anymore.

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5. What is the meaning of  .COM, .NET and .ORG Domain Names ?

  • .COM - Used for commercial and personal sites

  • .NET - Recommended for companies involved in Internet infrastructure

  • .ORG - Recommended for Not-for-Profit organizations

  • Use only letters, numbers, or hyphen ("-")

  • Cannot begin or end with a hyphen

  • Must have less than 63* characters, not including .COM, .NET and .ORG

* .com, .net and .org domain names exceeding a total of 26 characters are supported by most of web browsers. However, certain web browsers, email programs and other Internet related applications may not support domain names over 26 characters.

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6. What is the meaning of   .INFO Domain Names ?

  • .INFO - Used for both commercial and personal sites

  • Use only letters, numbers, or hyphen ("-")

  • Can't begin or end with a hyphen

  • Must have at least 3 characters and less than 63 characters, not including .INFO

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7. What is the meaning of   .BIZ Domain Names ?

  • .BIZ - Sites restricted to commercial and bona fide business purposes

  • Use only letters, numbers, or hyphen ("-")

  • Cannot begin or end with a hyphen

  • Can't be two hyphens in a row

  • Must have at least 3 characters and less than 63 characters, not including .BIZ

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8. What is the meaning of   .NAME Domain Names ?

  • .NAME - Used for personal sites

  • Must be composed of a first and last name (yourname1.yourname2.name)

  • First name (yourname1 in above example) must have at least 1 character and no more than 63 characters

  • Second name (yourname2 in above example) must have at least 3 characters and no more than 63 characters

  • Use only letters, numbers or hyphen ("-")

  • Can't begin or end with a hyphen.

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9. What is the meaning of   .IN Domain Names ?

.IN is the official Top-level domain in India. With a .IN Domain, your business can develop a presence in India, develop Indian consumers confidence and trust, Get more qualified Indian leads, Companies, individuals, and organizations in India and abroad also. Proud of yourself by using a .IN domain name -- The symbol of India's future!

Different types of .IN domains are:

.in  -  .co.in  -  .net.in   -  .org.in   - .firm.in   - .gen.in   -  ind.in

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10. Rules and  Regulations of domain transfer:

  • The rules and  regulations of domain prohibit transferring a domain name that has been registered or previously transferred within the last 60 days.

  • Verify that the email address of the administrative contact of your domain name at your current registrar is correct. This is the address, we require to contact you to request approval for the transfer.

  • After we notified you that the transfer is completed, log in to your account and verify the contact information for your domain. Inaccurate or incomplete contact data may result in the cancellation of your domain name.

  • If the domain name is locked the transfer will be failed. Contact your current Registrar in order to unlock your domain name

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11. How long will it take to transfer a domain?

It will take 7 days.

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12. Will my name and contact information be publicly available ?

Yes. Information about who is responsible for domain name is publicly available only to allow rapid resolution of technical problems and to permit enforcement of consumer protection, trademark, and other Laws. The registrar will make this information available to the public on a "Whois" site.

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13. Is it domain transfer is free in your any webspace package ?

Domain Transfer is not free in any package. But you can change DNS/Name Server of your domain to our server then you can easily use our space.  Before one Month of Domain Expiry you need to transfer that domain to our company then it will cost you Rs.399/- (.com, .net) other extension have their own renew price.

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FAQ about Webspace:

1. What is the difference between Linux account and Windows account ?

Linux provides secure and reliable environment and perfect for most of the hosting needs. But, often you want to take advantages of some Windows applications such as MS Access, MS Sql, ASP Scripting. Therefore, you might want to use windows account.

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2. What is your Server Configuration?

 Processors 4
 Model Intel(R) Xeon(TM) CPU 2.66GHz
 Chip MHz 2666 MHz
 PCI Devices Atapci0: ServerWorks CSB6 UDMA100 controller
 ohci0: OHCI (generic) USB controller
 isab0: PCI-ISA bridge
 bge0: Broadcom BCM5704S Dual Gigabit Ethernet, ASIC rev. 0x2002
 bge1: Broadcom BCM5704S Dual Gigabit Ethernet, ASIC rev. 0x2002

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3. Does Your Hosting servers have support for JAVA pages ?

Yes. Only if you ask for Windows Java Hosting Pacakage.

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4. What are  POP3 Accounts ?

POP3 accounts are e-mail accounts that you can receive email from your visitors on the Internet. They allow you to receive emails only. POP3 accounts come with their own usernames and passwords to access them. With POP3 email, you can create a very well organized site with different POP3 accounts for different areas of your web pages and you can configure to your Outlook Express.

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5. What are Email auto responders ?

Email auto responders allow you to setup an email account with the ability to auto-reply with a given message when someone sends email to it. It looks like a pop account. You might have seen when you send email to someone and it comes right back as 'We got your email' message or something to that effect. That is most likely as an auto responder.

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6. What is DNS ?

DNS can be considered something similar to a phone book. When you move from one location to another, your name stays the same, but your phone number may change. In order to point your name to the new phone number, you must contact the telephone service provider, so that they assign you the new phone number and update all directory information to reflect you as pointing to this new phone number.

In this way, the IP number can be compared to a phone number: When someone calls http://www.example.com/, your ISP looks at the DNS server, and asks "how do I contact example.com?" The DNS server responds: "It can be found at". As the Internet understands it, this can be considered the phone number for the server, which houses the http://www.example.com web site.

The DNS records for your domain are kept on your hosting server in the place called DNS zone. When you register a domain by means of the control panel, all DNS records are automatically created for you. But in some rare cases, you may need to add custom records to your DNS zone. An example would be, when you want all emails to be processed by an external mail server rather than by the built-in mail system. However, such user intervention requires knowledge of DNS configuration and clear understanding of what is to be done.

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7. Can I accept Credit Cards on my site ? Will it be secured?

Yes, We support secure transaction protocol for all types of Credit Cards, such as SSL. 

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8. How to configure my Outlook Express for receiving e-mail messages ?

1.  Open Outlook Express.

2.  In the menu bar, go to the Tools drop-down menu and select Accounts.

3.  On the page that shows, click Add and select Mail.

4.  On the wizard page that shows, enter your name in the field and click Next to proceed.
     Note: this email will appear when you send out emails.

5.  On the page that shows, enter your Email Address and click Next to proceed.

6.  In the form that shows:
- in the drop-down box, choose POP3 as your incoming server;
- enter the Mail Server Name for both Incoming Mail and Outgoing Mail;
- click Next to proceed. 

7.On the page that appears:
- make sure to enter full email address in the Account Name field;
- enter mailbox password in the Password field;
- check the Remember Password box to avoid entering it every time you check or send email;
- click Next to proceed. 

8.  On the page that shows, click Finish to save settings and get back to the list of email   accounts 

9.  Now that email account is created, select Accounts from the Tools drop-down list in the menu bar.

10.  On the Internet Accounts window, select the newly created mail account and click Properties to edit the settings for your email account.

11.  On the Properties page that appears, choose the General tab and check the settings of your email account.

Here you can:
- set the name that will show in your letters
- set reply email (should be the same as email)

12.  Click Apply and OK to save settings.

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9. Configuring Outlook Express with SMTP Auth Relay :

You can set SMTP Auth relay right after your email account is created (steps 1- 8) as described above. To set SMTP Auth, do the following:

1. Select Accounts from the Tools drop-down menu in the menu bar.

2. On the Internet Accounts window, select the newly created mail account and click Properties to edit the email settings.

3. On the Properties page that appears, choose the Servers tab.

4. Check My server requires authentication box and click Settings on the right.

5. On the Outgoing Mail Server window that shows you can :
- use the same settings as incoming server;
- enter account name and input another password for outgoing email.
Note: make sure to check Remember password if you don't want to enter password each time you send out email.

6.  Click OK.

7.  Back on the Properties page, click Apply and OK to save settings and then close all dialog boxes.

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